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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  November 5, 2009 5:00am-6:00am EST

5:00 am efforts are underway to prevent another nightmare commute this morning. good morning. i'm andrea roane, howard bernstein is here with weather. angie goff is taking a deep breath and will have the traffic for us. how's the weather looking. >> better than the traffic in montgomery county that's for sure. we will get it from angie in a second. let's talk weather wise. we had a couple of sprinkles yesterday but that piece of energy moved to the atlantic. more energy out of the great lake and ohio and western pennsylvania. by this afternoon, i expect a couple of sprinkles around here. this morning, temperature coming in 45 at reagan national to 30 in culpeper. fredericksburg you are chilly with hagerstown in the upper 30s and winchester at 33. we are looking at sunshine to
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start the day. i think we will be in the mid- 50s this afternoon with highs with a couple of sprinkles possible. angie, give us the bad news. >> the good news it is thursday and close to the weekend and i will sugar coat my traffic report with that. 95 income -- northbound already seeing issues early on. if you travel before the fairfax county parkway and this is where you get on this is what you can expect right now. you will need extra minutes. we have an accident that is blocking the regular lanes. so, result of this, officials are diverting traffic to the hov lanes. move to 395. once you make it to this interstate, gosh, it is crystal clear past duke street to the 14th street bridge. heading to the inner loop, this is the situation at saint barnabas, over to the maps we go, another accident involving two tractor-trailers has the road shut down temporarily. notice the red cars. they are not moving.
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no major delays to the split and inbound new york avenue is doing okay, as well. as you heard from angie and the rest of us you need to leave a little earlier this morning if you ride to work takes you through montgomery county. a computer malfunction led to a traffic nightmare during the rush hours yesterday and the county is urging commuters to take another option. alex trevino is live from the shady grove metro station with the latest. >> reporter: as of this hour, the system is not back to normal. in fact, montgomery county police does not expect the system to be fixed for the rush hour. so the county is urging you to take advantage of free ride-on bus service all day. >> if you were stuck in this traffic mess during rush hour you are probably hoping to avoid it today. >> it is pretty bad actually. what's going on. >> reporter: they say you can blame a failed central computer system. it prevented traffic
5:03 am
controllers from monitoring rush hour from signals that adjust the timing of the green, yellow and red lights. >> it is 1980s vintage technology. we have a program in place to begin to modernize the system but we are in the early stages of that. >> reporter: engineers and workers are trying to fix the problem on edison park drive. even though the system is repaired at some point today the county will offer free bus services all day today. reporting live, alex trevino, 9 news now and >> and many other commuters could feel the pain of montgomery county drivers. that's because another computer problem is being blamed for problems on metro. it caused the transit agency pa system, website, customer call center and next bus system to go down. some machines would not allow people to use debit cards and some fare boxes failed.
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it will cost metro $14 million and six months to fix the problem. a ped died after being struck by a montgomery county police cruiser. a caravan of police officers was returning from an assignment along 295 in southwest washington when the first cruiser hit the victim. officers have not released any information about the victim but say the detective i have who hit the person has been on the force for more than 20 years. dc police are investigating. investigators are checking surveillance footage frame by frame from an exxon station at 270 in frederick, maryland to figure out what sparked a deadly fire. andsly gordon was pumping gas there yesterday when something went wrong. in an instant flames enveloped his suv and him and he was rushed to the hospital where he died. four students from the maryland school for the deaf are charged with sexually assaulting a fifth student. three are charged as juveniles and one as an adult.
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investigators say the victim was attacked in a school dorm. the assault took place last week. five after the hour. time for our first living smart report of the morning and jessica doyle is here with a preview of the day ahead on wall street. we have a ton of economic data due out on the economic agenda, including the latest look at the health of the job market when unemployment day numbers are released. investors around the world somewhat disappointed with what the federal reserve had to say yesterday afternoon the dow paired a triple-digit gain to finish 30 points higher. the nasdaq down 2 and the s&p addressed about a point. all in all what the fed had to say about the economy was good. it said economic activity has picked up and the housing market has strengthening but rising joblessness and tight credit could be a problem for some time to come. the fed held interest rates at
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a near record low, as expected. sarah palin's book tour is heading to washington. now, that is washington, pennsylvania, not washington, d.c. when her book hits the shelfs in two weeks it won't make stops in the big cities. she is taking an unconventional approach by heading to smaller towns where she has a larger percentage of votes. and already a best seller in preorders. >> she has a seat here at 9 news now at 9:00 a.m. we are fixing up the bathroom and places that might be tired looking so you don't have to renovate. >> cost savings. virginia's new governor elect bob mcdonnell is vowing to hold himself accountable for, in his orders, everything he said he was going to do. as one of his first acts in office he plans to put his campaign promises on the web so voters can keep track and hold
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him accountable. he says his number one priority is jobs, jobs, jobs and economic development. >> constitution only gives you four years to accomplish things here as governor of virginia and i'm going to make sure that every act that i take in those early days will be looking at how to create more jobs. >> reporter: mcdonnell already has a transition team in place that includes a number of prominent virginians like bobby billberg and bill sims. police have one name to go with 11 bodies found at the home of a suspected serial killer. that story is coming up. plus if you feel your eye closing while you are on the road you are part of a dangerous trend. if you lost the wake but not the cellulite we have diet tips to help keep that flab
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away. america is strong and resilient. and we'll pull through these tough times, we always have. and the companies building the internet are leading this technology driven recovery. more than one hundred billion dollars in private investment over the last two years has spurred innovation, launching new online service and content and put more than three million americans to work. an economic success story. expanding and growing by building a smarter, faster, safer internet. broadband for america: it's working.
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95 northbound an accident has all lanes shut down. drivers are using the hov lanes to get by and are backed up to lorton. i will have an update in my traffic report coming up. in the news now at nine after the hour, police in cleveland, ohio have identified one of the 11 people found dead in the home of a convicted sex offender. 53-year-old tanya carmichael disappeared a year ago. it appears she was strangled. the suspect, anthony sowell made his first court appearance on wednesday. a new survey finds sleepy drivers are wrecking havoc on u.s. roads. nearly 2 million people have had accidents or near misses in the past year because they were driving while sleepy. ♪ [ music ] the latest
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musical night at the white house focused on the classics. michelle obama hosted the coming up taller award ceremony to recognize youth programs outside of schools which  encourage students to explore music and the arts. a bear's hair loss baffled veterinarians. that story is coming up in what's on the web. plus, making changes to your diet that could help reduce the cellulite. here's howard. a chilly start this morning. i will tell you what to expect the next couple of days. even a couple of snowflakes in the mountains and the weekend you are going to like. 9 news now returns in just a moment. ♪
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welcome back to 9 news now. howard is here with our forecast this thursday, closer to the week. >> it is chilly. i'm out mowing my lawn yesterday. i had shorts on and two sweatshirts and my neighbor said shorts and i said it is about 50. come on. >> and two sweatshirts. >> have to get hopefully the last mow of the year in. chilly weather out west. we will start with the forecast for the next three days. while we are on the cool side today and tomorrow we see big movement as we head to the weekend. today 50s. a chance of a passing sprinkle this afternoon. by friday, it will be breezy.
5:14 am
low 50s at best and 53 might be optimistic and then by saturday here comes the warmup. in the lower 60s. the moms like bus stop forecast. another clear, cold morning with 30s and 40s out there. more 30s than 40s an the isn't until 6:40 this afternoon. this afternoon partly to mostly cloudy. sprinkles here and there. some mountain snow flurries may mix in. northwestly winds five to ten miles an hour and this afternoon morning a nice morning out there. germly clearing skies back in the 830s and 40s. this morning it is clear and cool at reagan national, 45. that's thank thousand the water keeping them warm with a light northwesterly wind. when you get away from the water and way were away from southern maryland and annapolis, we have a lot of 30s. low 30s. cumberland at the freezing
5:15 am
mark. quantico and fredericksburg 38. prince georges county in the 30s right now in andrews. not bad across the country. weak system in the great lakes but we have tropical storm ida a near nicaragua. we will watch this because models are drifting this north next week. we will have to see if this has an impacific on the u.s. next week. we are watching stuff in the great lakes and through us. one front there and while we have breezy conditions, this is upper level energy. when the upper level winds take a dip like this this this is con deuce i have for unsettled weather and pieces of energy come through and it will squeeze in mountain snow flurries over the next day or so, especially this afternoon in to this evening. the seven-day forecast, mid 50s today with a sprinkle. tonight not so bad but in the 30s even in town. friday 53. the weekend is monday. look at that warming trend. by monday, sunny and 71.
5:16 am
could be a shower late tuesday in to wednesday. time for traffic. >> brighten my morning with what could be considered a dark traffic report. get ready, folks. hey, at least it is thursday, right. i-95 northbound an accident at the fairfax county parkway involving a tractor-trailer still blocks all lanes. drivers are using the hov lanes to get by and they are backed up to lorton. moving to the inner loop in maryland we still have an accident involving a couple of tractor-trailers here at saint barnabas. the good news is you see the cars are moving, even though very slowly. right now the accident blocks three right lanes. moments ago it was blocking all of them. hopefully the congestion will break apart. north of the district, a different story here, nice and clear past colesville road. in virginia i-66 eastbound you are okay centreville to the beltway and wrap it up in
5:17 am
virginia. where it is nice and green. now over to andrea. >> thank you, angie. it is some of the toughest body fat to lose, the dreaded unsightly cellulite. anita brickman talks to the doctors about natural ways to get rid of it. >> reporter: you don't have to be overweight to have cellulite but as the doctors show us watching what you eat can help to target the skin. >> cellulite is fat gone wild. >> eat right. this biscuit is going on your butt. you want strawberries these are high in vitamin c. the more you firm it up the more it will disappear. >> reporter: what other natural food does she recommends, almonds, blueberries, protein, things that help those rebuild. those creams only act at the surface level and for short term. so you are going to spend thousands of dollars in creams
5:18 am
that won't have a cure. the fda says there is no cure for cellulite. >> reporter: remember to stay hydrated. they say pump well hydrated skin can camouflage the appearance of cellulite. aiming for eight, eight-ounce cups a day isn't a bad idea. >> you can see the doctors every day here at 4:00. this afternoon, the doctors show us the latest nonsurgical solution for reducing baby belly fat. and a special treat coming up in the next hour, dr. oz is in our studio live to answer your questions. if you would like to submit a question log on to and click on living well. in the house right now, kristin fisher in the web center. good morning. >> good morning, andrea. it is time to look at the top stories on the a web and i want to start with a story out of a german zoo. look at this picture here.
5:19 am
this is what a speckled bear should look like. put down your coffee and look at what is happening to these bears. they are going bald and it is baffling vets. look at that poor little guy. this bear's name is delors and she has lost all of her body tear except for a few tufts around her head. but she's not alone. it affected all of the female bears at this zoo. the vets believe they could be going bald because of a genetic defect but what is certain is they are drawing huge crowds at the zoo and huge hits on the web this morning. now on to another story that is gaining a ton of attraction on the web. it is about the swine flu. no surprise there. check out this headline on the business that broke the story. swine flu causes brawl on new york city subway. the author of the post said he was on the subway yesterday morning when a woman started to
5:20 am
cough and then he said another woman walked up a and told her to cover her mouth, i don't want swine flu. seems fair enough, right? >> uh-huh. >> the woman refused. the two started to shout each over and the woman coughing spit on the other. she dragged her to the floor by her hair and the two were separated. so far no charges have been filed but my goodness it shows you swine flu is no joke. people are taking it seriously. >> keep my sanitizer handy all the time. gilbert arenas gets in to a duel with the league top players. and the world series celebration has been going on all night in new york city. we will tell you which player became a hero coming up in sports. it is 5:20. so what comes to mind
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hey bets, can i borrow a quarter? sure, still not dry? i'm trying to shrink them. i lost weight and now some clothes are too big. how did you do it? simple stuff. eating right and i switched to whole grain. whole grain... studies show that people who eat more whole grain tend to have a healthier body weight. multigrain cheerios has five whole grains... and 110 calories per lightly sweetened serving. more grains. less you. multigrain cheerios. here's who's celebrating a birthday today. in sports there's a new baseball world champion this morning and there's a new hero for yankees fans to adore.
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his name is hideki matsui. he had a two run homer off of martinez. the next inning matsui at the plate again and his rbi hit scores jeter and damon. in the fifth matsui scores two more runners with an rbi double. that ties the world series record for more rbis in a game. new york wins 7-3 and takes the series in six games. matsui is named mvp. here in washington, the wizards hosting the heat. arenas struck 32 but wade put down 40. the heat led by 14 at the end of the first quarter. washington fought back. arenas drives and scores for an 89-7 wizards lead but wade answers and miami wins 93-89. jim zorn has changed his mind about a decision he made earlier this week. the redskins head coach says antwan randell else will be the
5:25 am
primary return man. it started when reporters asked him about his demotion and he said these news to me. zorn flip flopped and said that randle-el would remain with hall and moss mixed in. >> it is what it is. they made decisions and i get some clarity on that and go from there. i heard a rumor from you guys that i was going to be returning panhandles but no one gave the me okay. >> reporter: we have good news for dc golf fans. the pga tour announced it is bringing a senior tour event to potomac next october. that means locals won't have to wait for the u.s. open and tigers tournament returning the following year. all of that hand sanitizer to prevent the flu could pose a threat to your children. that story is coming up. good news from captiol hill about people worried about
5:26 am
their jobless benefits running out at the enof the year. and the scramble is on to help with the computer nightmares caused by a computer glitch. the inner loop at saint barnabas, a tractor-trailer is blocking three right lanes and a ramp from saint barnabas road. more traffic tieups and weather with howie b is up next.
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there's still time to take part in pumpkin madness days. is part of the fall festival in centreville, virginia. you can bring in used jack-o'- lanterns and see them cat bulleted. now we know where dave gets his ideas from. >> i have two things piggies and the slides that you can go
5:30 am
down on the carpet and you feel like you are going to fly off and you use the burlap sacks. you know what i am talking about. >> good, clean fun. >> i know. >> it will be a good weekend for good clean fun at the farm and the pumpkin chuckin'. >> he's trying to get to the weather. >> we like the story. >> i'm cutting you off. get to weather. >> we have cold temperatures this morning. skies are generally clear from yesterday but we expect more clouds moving in. we are at 45 and low 30s, especially away from bodies oof water. inside the beltway looking at temperatures 41 arlington, just outside of andrews is 36. brandy wine 36. manassas down to 32 and montgomery county temperatures in the mid 4 -- 30s. few afternoon sprinkles and highs in this middle 550s. fun angie goff with traffic. >> you better watch out, howard, i might throw a pumpkin at you. we have a loot to talk about
5:31 am
beginning with 95 in the fairfax county parkway. the good news is the accident is still there t that's bad news but one lane is getting by. drivers are jammed back to lorton in the regular and hov lanes and officials are letting drivers use the hov lanes in the area to help alleviate that congestion. take you to 395 northbound. this interstate is free flowing past duke to the 14th street bridge. on the inner loop at saint barnabas, only the left lane is getting by. this accident is involving two tractor-trailers an happened 3:40 this morning. you are also losing the ramp from eastbound saint barnabas road. 270, here's the shot. fine out of frederick to the split and that's how we will wrap it up. i will send it back to you. brace yourself montgomery county drivers. the traffic glitch has not been fixed yet but this morning there is a free alternative. 9 news now digital
5:32 am
correspondent alex trevino is live with the details. what's the alternative? >> reporter: good morning, andrea. well, people can ride the bus. it's free all day. the county is trying to alleviate traffic. that's why they are offering the service until the traffic system gets back to normal.
5:33 am
live in montgomery county alex trevino, 9 news now and happening right now the virginia department of transportation plans to shut down an exit on 95 and keep it closed for a year. crews will close exit 166-b on southbound i-95. drivers who want to get to fullerton road should use 167. other roads nearby will be closed over the weekend so crews get sleep. the final two mile stretch of the parkway. a heavily traveled dc bridge will be getting a facelift. we are talking about the new york avenue bridge. mayor fenty says the work will be the largest project using federal stimulus money. the project will cost $36 million an estimated 80,000 people a day use the new york avenue bridge. and get set to shell out more money for using the dulles
5:34 am
toll road. the metropolitan washington airport authority is raising the toll by 25 cents at ramps and 25 cents at the main toll plaza. the increases take affect new year's day, just the first in a series of fare hikes which will help to pay for the metro expansion to dulles airport. as the transition phase gets underway for the governor elect of virginia and new jersey the head of the reason rnc says tuesday's election proves reports of the party's demise were wrong. >> the they spoke up against an incredibly arrogant government in washington that has put our country, our freedoms and our economy at risk with unprecedented spending. >> rnc chair and former maryland lieutenant governor michael steele added it is time to focus on communities instead
5:35 am
of washington bureaucracy. meanwhile steele's previous boss, bob ehrlich say the wins are a good sign but he won't decide whether to seek his old office until early next year. in the flu alert, there are more places to get the h1n1 vaccine today. in the district, adults 26 to 64 who have your honor lying health problems like respiratory illnesses are now eligible to receive the shots along with other high priority groups. there are two clinics this afternoon, one at coolidge senior high school northwest an mckinley tech senior high school in northeast. and in sterling a clinic called let's fight flu together at river bend middle school. it is from 5 to p.m. you can check for more information at just look for the flu alert heading on our home page.
5:36 am
a warning for parents about hand sanitizer. it could intoxicate your child. that's because hand sanitizer contains a higher emergency of alcohol than most liquors. in one instance a 2-year-old north carolina child would barely walk because he ate a meal right after his mother antized his hands. parents should use them with caution and make sure young children don't ingest it. good advice there. more good advice coming your way. time for another living smart report. jessica doyle is back with good news for unemployed workers. >> yeah. we are getting closer to a guarantee that your unemployment checks are not going to run out anytime soon. the senate voted to give the jobless up to 20 week of additional benefits. it comes to the rescue of a million people who run out of unemployment benefits by the end of the year unless this is extended. everyone will receive 14 weeks
5:37 am
of benefits. that includes dc. in september the city's jobless rate hit 11.4%. maryland 7.2%. virginia's rate is 6.7%. the $24 billion senate bill would include an extension of the first time home buyers tax credit and the expansion of the programs to existing homeowners. it also provides tax relief for struggling businesses. now the measure will go back to the house where it is expected to act quickly to improve it and then it heads to president obama for his signature. it is time for the money saving tip of the day. if your bathroom is worn and tired here's a way to fix it up, a nonabrasive wax will help to refresh a counter top that is looking dull. brighten tile by cleaning grout
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with. and wax buildup on linoleum floors can look dirty. it will look like new for little money. for more check out my blog at the, follow me on twitter and i'd love to be your friend on facebook. >> bathroom is one of those improvements that gives a house added value. >> got it. >> simple way to do it. a blockbuster lawsuit is filed against the government over an animal attack than story is coming up. and family sick with h1n1 has passed the virus on to their pet. it is 5:38. here's angie. >> that's not good. well, we have a fatal accident on 95 northbound at the fairfax county parkway. the drivers are backed up to lorton. andrea, with more news that matters to you early. that's up next. stay with us. what's our favorite part of honey bunches of oats?
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today a north dakota college will hold a memorial service for three members of a softball team the young women from dickinson state university drown last weekend. investigators believe they went on a night time star gazing trip and accidentally drove in to a deep pond. the family of a woman attacked by her neighbor's chimp plans to sue the state of connecticut for $150 million. the february attack blinded and disfigured 55-year-old sharla nash who remains in treatment at the cleveland clinic. the family's attorney says state officials failed to prevent the attack despite the warning that the chimp could put someone. a house cat in iowa is the first to be diagnosed with the h1n1 flu virus. they suspected it because two family members had it before the cat got sick. everyone has since recovered.
5:42 am
we have a taste of the controversy and the talk coming up. plus, you have to act by the end of the week for a chance to see this year's national christmas tree lighting in person. howard is out on the terrace. what are you feeling. >> cold this morning. clear sky and a chill out here with temperatures in the 30s. i will tell you why we have a chance of sprinkles today. we will look at tropical storm ida and optimistic
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
everyone i talk to treat me like a common criminal. >> the woman thought the closed her bank account and then the bank sued her. don't forget the on-line lottery for tickets to the national christmas tree lighting is underway. if you want to see this year's ceremony in person you have until midnight tomorrow to
5:46 am
register. this is video from last year. the national parks service is giving away nearly 10,000 tickets, most are standing room only. we have a link to the sight at it is under 9 news links. we did the story a while ago about the alcohol content. it is also drawing -- this has a couple more drops of alcohol but we found this at cvs. >> this is the one people have, the clear-alcohol based. >> and this has alcohol obviously. it is moist and keeps your hands baby soft. >> and smells nice. the little things, right. >> but wash your hands is the key. >> don't let that 45 on the screen fool you in to thinking it is actually that warm because in most areas it is not. >> but you were out mowing your lawn in 50-degree weather in sports. >> but i had a couple of sweatshirts and a jack on and you are moving and active. that was yesterday. try to get it done the next three days around here. we have cool weather in store
5:47 am
today and tomorrow. as we get to the weekend we will turn the corner and we will have a warming trend moving in by saturday 62. even a passing sprinkle this afternoon with upper level energy. your moms like bus stop forecast this morning, mainly clear and cold. a lot of 30s and few 40s and the sun doesn't rise until 6:40 eastern standard time. sprinkles and mid-50s in the mountains. could be some snowflakes mixing in late this afternoon in to this evening. northwesterly winds five to ten and the sunset 5:03. tonight we will clear it out and be in the 30s. clear skies right now. pretty picture this morning looking back to dc from the netherlands carillon 45 at reagan national with a light northwesterly wind but many temperatures especially away from water in the 30s. it is 48 cambridge.
5:48 am
48 saint indigos but 40 in culpeper. freezing manassas and martinsburg and frederick and 30s in quantico and andrews air force base. high pressure remains. giving us a little cool air. another front with showers in ohio and pennsylvania. the upper-level winds are taking a dip across the northwest adding energy to the atmosphere and that will squeeze out sprinkles east of the mountains over the next 12 to 24 hours. so we will watch the energy coming across here. midday more clouds and a couple of sprinkles but nothing too big around here and other than a few mountain flurries or sprinkles i think things will be quiet and a sunnier friday but on the chilly side. here's the seven-day forecast. mid-50s today with a sprinkle possible. breezy and chilly tomorrow. low 50s at best. a nice warming trend over the weekend. make it a three dayer if you can because monday looks great with high of 71. showers late tuesday in to early wednesday are possible.
5:49 am
it has been a tough thursday. >> it is thursday. almost friday. that is the bright spot to look forward to. fortunately since early on we have been following big traffic tieups out there. 2:30 this morning we had a fatal accident on 95 northbound at the fairfax county parkway pacting traffic. only the left lane is getting by. drivers are using the hov lanes and we know the delay is stretching back to dale city. so it is growing. i would suggest to take route 1 as the alternative. to the inner loop, shall we. in maryland looks like we have an accident at saint barnabas. this is involving a couple of tractor-trailers. the left lane is getting by but slowly approaching the scene. in maryland we will take it up north and show you the outer loop. things are great from new hampshire to georgia to the american legion bridge. moving at a great pass -- pace. and in montgomery county, the same problem we had yesterday where the traffic lights are not running on a rush hour pattern. as a result, you are going to
5:50 am
expect some pretty big backups and so i suggest that you use ride-on buses. they are free today because montgomery county is trying to fix that computer glitch. over to kristin with more. >> thank you so much. good morning, everyone. no surprise here. the yankees 27th world series win against the philadelphia phillies is the big story on the web this morning. everyone wants to see what the front page is of all the newspapers in both philadelphia and new york. but for a lot of yankees fans, they are looking to score their world series champ souvenirs. you know that's what people do the day after the world series. one site in particular that is getting hits is major league baseball's official shop for the yankees. this is it. i want to show you some of the things you can score if you are a yankees, phillies 0 fans or hate the yankees and then apologize. but this is what the authentic 2009 world series championship
5:51 am
hat is looking like. this is the authentic cap worn by the players after the big win and it will cost you around $30 if you want to see the t- shirt. that's the other big one. this is the official clubhouse t-shirt costing you $24 on this website and they are really promoting the 27th world series win here. you will see that all over their souvenirs this morning and in the days to come. now i want to show you guys their actual website. here's what the yankees website is looking like this morning. the headline, new stadium, familiar results, yankees win 27th title. big celebration there. but on the phillies website their headlines still dreams of repeating dashed in game six loss. and here's the front page of the new york post with yankees win 27th world title. again, big celebrator shot but on the philadelphia inquirer, their headline, season ends but
5:52 am
fans ' memories will last. a doubt a lot of phillies fans will pick up that paper this morning but big celebrations in new york. >> can't wait to see the boston paper's sports headlines. music superstar promotes his new movie in georgetown. that story is coming up. plus, if you feel off this week it could be thanks to our time change. we have tips to reset your body clock. we'll be right back. you wanted more... you wanted video, and photos... email and broadband... you wanted to run your business from anywhere...
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oh my goff. i'm angie with a look at who's buzzing in entertain. michelle obama commenced classical music from the white house. >> i'm here today to tell you to keep up the good work and never lose the passion you feel about the instruments that you play and the music that you make ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: mrs. obama hosted the coming up award ceremony to recognize youth programs that motivate kids to explore arts and music, not missing a beat last night. 50-cent at the the georgetown theaters on k street. it is a 90 minute film inspired by his bait -- by his latest
5:56 am
album and he tweetd at 2:00 a.m., i have to get some sleep. what was iron mike doing in wales? the former world heavyweight boxing champ was there to pay his respects to a boxer. redskins like gary hall and handy and others autographed footballs for fans of military men and women at this store. chandler reports service members and federal first responders got discounts on phone and more and i know for a fact chandler got autographed memorabilia for friends. they say it is one of washington's best kept secrets. the stunning high ridge house in downtown dc.
5:57 am
the museum board member says washingtonens toured the first home at a formal fund-raiser dinner. it was built in 1892. the best national example of a late victorian house. all the furniture is original and that makes it very special. >> tours of the home are given by appointment. coming up the 23rd annual lombardi gala. 100% of the proceeds go to georgetown university lombardi cancer center. it is november 7th at the national hilton. it starts 8:30 p.m. if you have something neat going on in your town we want to know about it. shoot me an e-mail at have you been feeling ever since the time change this past weekend? so you are not alone and as
5:58 am
anita brickman tells us there are things you can do to live well through the seasonal transition. >> the transition from daylight saving to standard time can really mess with a person's bibiological rhythm making some feel sleepy and anxious during the day. sleep experts say it is a normal reaction, especially when we set our clocks back in the fall. because our circadian rhythms are affected by the loss of light with darkness coming earlier each evening. it can affect how alert we are at work and home. here's -- here are suggestions to ease you through the transition. take a walk or run in the morning. changing your exercise routine from evening to morning you allow your body to enjoy the benefits of sun light. alter what you eat, b-1 2 and beans like soybeans are a quick snack me up and seek out
5:59 am
selenium rich foods. it is an antioxidant that counters stress in the brain. eat a sliver of cheese with red pepper and it will help you fight off midday sleepiness and if you are gloomy after a few weeks you may have something called seasonal effective didst disorder or sads which can be treated with light box techniques they say sad disorder a very real condition. to see these tips to keep you going during the day, check out our website at and click on living well. we say good morning to howard bernstein. living well, doctor in the house later on. >> we have our moisturizing hand sanitizers. we are ready to go. we will see more clouds during the afternoon and upper level energy


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